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YAMAHA AG-06 MK2 6 Ch. Live Streaming Mixer (Black) (AG06MK2)
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Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 9 cm x 23 cm
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6 Ch. Live Streaming Mixer (Black)




The AG06MK2 offers the same user-friendly configuration and operation that has become synonymous with the AG series, but also comes equipped with two phantom powered mic inputs for condenser microphones. Combined with flexible connectivity including an upgraded 4-pole mini I/O, the AG06MK2 opens up a broader range of dialogue, interview, musical ensemble performance, or other streaming applications that the AG01 or AG03MK2 setups can’t cover.


* Two condenser microphones can be used simultaneously
* +48 V phantom power on CH1-2 input for condenser mics or Dl boxes
* Hi-Z input for guitars on CH2
* High resolution (24-bit, 192 kHz) 2-track audio recording and playback
* 4-pole mini-input/output (TRRS) to support a wider range of streaming applications
* Flexible inputs and LOOPBACK function ideal for live streaming or recording
* Mute button for convenient live streaming
* Easy control and pro sound with 1-TOUCH effects (COMP/EQ, REVERB and Amp Simulator)
* AG Controller (Windows/Mac/iOS) for precise parameter control
* Windows/Mac support by USB-C connection
* iOS connectivity via Apple Camera Adapter (requires external USB power supply)
* Android supported by 4-pole mini-input/output (TRRS)
* USB-C power input (5 V DC, 900 mA)
* Cubase Al, WaveLab Cast, Cubasis LE and Rec'n'Share are available


* Input Channels: MONO (MIC/LINE): 1 - Combo (Mic, +48 V Phantom Power / Line), 3.5 mm Stereo Mini (Headset Mic, Plug-in Power) *CH1 input and headset microphone cannot be used simultaneously
* Input Channel Stereo (LINE): 1 - L/R Stereo: Phone, RCA
* Smart Phone: 1 - PHONES / HEADSET PHONES *Cannot be used simultaneously
* USB: 1
* Output Channel: PHONES: 2 - PHONES / HEADSET PHONES *Cannot be used simultaneously
* Smart Phone: 1 - 4-pole mini-input/output (TRRS)
* Monitor Out: 1
* Stereo Out: 1
* BUS: 1 Stereo
* Function: MUTE button x 1, PAD button x 2, HI-Z button x 1, STREAMING OUT (DRY CH 1-2G / INPUT MIX / LOOPBACK), MIX MINUS MIC (ON / OFF)
* Signal Processors: DSP: COMP/EQ, REVERB, AMP SIM * Details are configured on the AG Controller
* USB Audio: 2 IN / 2 OUT, USB Audio Class 2.0 Compliant, sampling frequency: up to 192 kHz, Quantization bits: 24-bit, Type-C
* USB DC Power Input: 1 - Type-C, 5 V DC, 900 mA
* Power Requirements: 5 V DC, 900 mA
* Power Consumption: UP TO 4.5 W
* Dimensions (W):  152mm (6.0”)
* Dimensions (H): 63mm (2.5”)
* Dimensions (D): 201mm (7.9”)
* Net weight: 0.9kg (2.0lbs)
* Included Accessories: USB2.0 cable (1.5 m), Quick Guide, Safety Guide, Wavelab Cast Download Information, Cubase AI Download Information


* Package Dimension:  18cm x 9cm x 23cm
* Package Weight:  4kg