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SX SD-304 41'' Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar (SD304)
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Brand SX
Size (L x W x H) 102 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm
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Full Size Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar


In late years it is an acoustic guitar of the sound that SD304 of the dreadnaught type using the Sitka Spruce & mahogany which is rare, and is becoming is clear, and is a warm. I convey it in the guitar body without adopting a product made in NUBONE to a nut, and disturbing string vibration and realize sound with a feeling of opening. Body finish is satin finish, and the appearance is an acoustic guitar of "the genuine intention" in spite of being entry model beautifully, too.


* The genuine intention
* Sitka spruce
* Without adopting a product made in NUBONE to a nut
* Satin finish


* The top: Sitka spruce
* Back & side: Mahogany
* The neck: Gaboon
* A finger board: Engineered Rosewood
* A bridge: Engineered Rosewood
* A saddle: NuBone
* Finish: Mat


* Package Dimension:  102cm x 45cm x 14cm
* Package weight:  2.88kg