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CASIO CTK-4400 61 Keys Electronic Portable Keyboard With Adaptor (CTK4400)
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61 Keys Electronic Portable Keyboard With Adaptor


The CTK4400 from Casio is a portable keyboard with 61 full-size dynamic touch keys, Step Up Lessons for beginning keyboardists, onboard stereo speakers, and more. It features 600 tones, and a fully featured auto accompaniment section includes 180 rhythm patterns and 152 songs. A stereo mini audio input makes it possible to connect an outside sound source like an iPad, MP3 player, or smartphone. The music will play through the keyboard's speakers, and you can play along on the keyboard. You can even sample sounds and trigger the samples. For beginning keyboardists, the CTK-4400 offers extensive learning features.


*All built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before! 48-tone maximum polyphony provides plenty of margin to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment.
* An easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance resembling that of an acoustic piano.
* Touch Response lets you add delicate nuances to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.
* Playing the keyboard simulates the acoustic effect of a concert hall, and produces reverberations that transmit a feeling of being there.
* You can use the Chord Book to look up chords you do not know how to play. You can hear what a chord sounds like and a simple operation even shows you inverted forms of the chord, making the Chord Book a valuable reference.
* Sample a sound from a portable audio player or other device, and then play the sound on the keyboard.
* Connecting a music player to the AUDIO IN jack causes the audio from the player to be output through the keyboard's speakers.


* Keyboard: 61 piano-style keys
* Touch Response: 2 sensitivity levels, Off
* Sound Source: AHL
* Maximum Polyphony: 48
* Tones: 600 built-in tones
* Layer/ Split: Layer, Split
* Digital Effects: Virtual Hall (1 type), Reverb (10 types), Chorus (5 types)
* Rhythms/ Patterns: 180 built-in rhythms (10 user rhythms)
* Built-In Songs: 152 (Song Bank)
* Song Expansion: 10 songs maximum (up to 320KB total)
* Metronome: Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: quarter note = 30 to 255)
* Recorder: 6 tracks x 5 songs (performance recording), 1 song (lesson recording), approximately 12,000 notes total, real-time recording/playback
* Key Transpose: 25 steps (-12 to +12 semitones)
* Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
* Pedals: Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)
* Display: LCD with backlight
* MIDI: GM Compatibility: Level1, Terminals: USB
* Speakers: 12cm x 2
* Amp Output: 2.5W + 2.5W
* Power Requirements: AC adaptor: AD-E95100L
* Dimensions: 948 x 350 x 103 mm
* Weight: 4.3kg (no battery)


* Package Size: 95cm x 360cm x 15cm
* Packaging Weight: 4.5kg