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HEARTBEAT 7A USA Red Hickory Color Drumstick
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Size (L x W x H) 42 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm
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USA Red Hickory Color Drumstick


Heartbeat drumsticks are custom milled one at a time, then matched and paired. Made from high grade American hickory, Canadian maple and Japanese oak, Heartbeat sticks are available in a number of sizes and tips.


* Perfect when speed and touch are top priority
* Designed for big band and dance orchestras
* 7A stick is thinner in circumference than a 5A
* Low in density and lends itself to lower-volume situations and light, fast playing
* Teardrop tips produce a range of sounds from tightly focused to diffuse depending on how they are held
* Suitable for amateur drummer as the sticks are lighter and easier to control
* Suitable for daily practice, teaching and performance purpose


* Model: 7A Color
* Color : White / Red / Blue / Black 
* Wood: Hickory, Maple
* Tip: Teardrop, Acorn
* Diameter: .540”
* Length: 15.5”


* Packaging Size: 42cm X 4cm X 2cm
* Packaging Weight: 1.25kg