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CORT AF60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier 60w
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Size (L x W x H) 48 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm
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Acoustic Guitar Amplifier 60w


The Cort AF30 and AF60 models provide 30 watts and 60 watts, respectively, of clean solid state power as well as onboard DSP for lush chorus, delay and chorus-delay effects. The AF Series amps also feature a 4-band graphic EQ for further tone-shaping as well as a notch filter to eliminate feedback – a feature normally found in amps that cost much more. Ideal for small venues, rehearsals and practice applications, the mobile but powerful AF30 will extend the range of your acoustic-electric guitar with performance, features, value and musicality.


* 60W Power Output:
The 60w of the AF60 will be able to handle medium size venues with plenty of power and headroom.
* Two 8” Woofer & One Tweeter:
The AF60’s combination of two 8” woofers with a single tweeter provides a balanced sound for firm punchy lows with clear and defined highs.
* 4-Band Graphic Equalizer:
The 4-band equalizer features carefully selected frequency bands (70, 400, 800, 10K) that are ideal to bring the natural character of your acoustic guitar while providing a wide range of sounds and tonal character.
* Onboard DSP (FX):
The onboard Digital Signal Processor chip provides chorus, delay and chorus + delay effects to add spatial dimension to your acoustic-electric sounds. The type of effect and the level of each effect can easily be controlled with the rotary knobs. The effect can also be switched on and off with the push switch.
* Notch Control:
Feedback can be a problem with acoustic instruments. With the notch control, you can eliminate the unwanted feedback by engaging the notch switch and using the knob to select the frequency causing the feedback.
* Mic/ Aux-In/ Phones/ Preamp-Out:
The AF60 provides superb flexibility and versatility with in-out jacks to extend the range of the amplifier and your instrument. With pro-level XLR input, auxiliary in for CD players or MP3 players, headphone out and preamp out to connect to mixing consoles and PA systems, the AF60 can cover virtually any application – from practice sessions to large venue concerts.
* Tilt-Back Design:
The AF30’s tilt-back cabinet design has two angles for the most optimum sound projection depending on the playing situation. The straight angle is typically used for projecting to an audience while tilt-back is for monitoring the performer’s sound.


* Input Voltage: Varies Depending on the Region
* Power Requirements: 120W
* Power Outage: 30W x 2R.M.S.
* Rated Load Impedance: 40hm
* Speaker: Two 8" Woofer and one tweeter


* Package Dimension:  48cm x 32cm x 31cm
* Package Weight: 14kg