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AVTEC C-800 Condenser Chorus Microphone
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Size (L x W x H) 28 cm x 28 cm x 12 cm
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Condenser Chorus Microphone


This is a flat frequency response microphone. Excellent pick-up distance and clear sound, unique shock-proof structure, greatly reduce the touch noise when holding the hand, can choose different sound application scenarios through the function selection switch. It is suitable for chorus, instrument, singing, and can also be used in important occasions as meeting room, speaker’s platform rostrum.


* All metal case, strong and durable
* Equipped with 4 output levels, high pass filter switch and anti-vibration diaphragm which can filter noise
* A highly consistent Cardioid pickup mode provides excellent pre-feedback gain 
* Wide dynamic range and very low distortion 
* Low sensitivity to radio frequency interference and electromagnetic alternating current 
* Advanced pickup shock absorption system can absorb mechanical vibration and reduce the noise generated by the handheld 
* Built in Foam Windscreen, can reduce wind noise and breathing sound


* Sensor Type: Condenser
* Polar Pattern: Cardioid
* Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Hi-Pass Filter:80Hz ( 0dB HI-PASS ) ;170Hz ( -14dB HI-PASS )
* Sensitivity:-40±3dBV/Pa (0dB);-54±3dB/Pa (-14dB)
* SNR:-87dBr 
* T.H.D:0.005%
* SPL:130dB
* Output Impedance: 200ohm
* Power Supply: 48V Phantom Power
* Weight:244g
* Size:φ 47mmx187mm
* Output Connector:XLR Male
* The Attachment:Microphone ClampX1、Zipper bagX1、Foam Windscreen X1


* Packaging size: 28cm x 28cm x 12cm
* Packaging weight: 1.5kg